13 Tips To Renew This Spring

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Spring has sprung. Embrace the season of renewal.Girl-in-Flowers

The season of rebirth is upon us! The seeds we’ve been planting physically and spiritually throughout the fall and winter are starting to come to fruition and beginning to bud. There is new growth in the forest and fresh aromas in the air from all the blossoming flower buds.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is represented by the wood element which includes the liver and gallbladder organs, and is known as the best time of year to cleanse. As the liver Qi (energy) rises and moves outwards we should moves our bodies in a synergistic way to help facilitate that movement. So, put a little pep in your step.

“Swollen with the late rains of spring, on the cool, jade-green grass the golden sunshine splashes.” Liu Tzu-Hui Sung Dynasty, A.D. 960-1278

Out with the old, and in with the new!

While you may already have the spring cleaning of your closet on your mind, make sure to transition that mentality to all aspects of your life. Here are our top tips to embrace the season.

13 Tips To Renew Your Body, Mind, And Spirit This Spring

1. Regulate your liver Qi (energy)

Add a little sour to your life! Sour foods such as lemons and vinegar help regulate the liver Qi and keep it flowing freely. A great way to start your day is with warm lemon water! [More tips on eating with the seasons]

2. Stretch it out

Take a yoga or tai chi class and breathe into those tendons, ligaments and muscles to warm them up and stretch them out. The liver stores blood at rest and then releases it into the tendons at times of increased activity.

3. Become a green machine

Load up on all the fresh greens that are growing bountifully this time of year and refuel your body.

4. Make space

Clean out your closet, garage or pantry…put away your winter clothes and blankets, get rid of or, even better, donate things that you don’t need and don’t use.

5.The juice cleanse is your friend

High vibration nourishment will revitalize your body and boost your energy.

6. Practice deep breathing 

This can help release stuck emotions that can weigh you down and allow space for new growth.

7. Re-evaluate and reflect

Let go of relationships and habits that bring you down or hinder your spiritual growth. This allows room for new relationships and healthy habits to flourish.

8. Add dry brushing to your self-care routine

Dry brushing your skin gets rid of dead skin cells, stimulates cell hydration, and increases elasticity for a more refreshed healthy glow.

9. Aromatherapy it up

Infuse your senses with scents of nature! If taking a walk in a field of lavender isn’t a luxury you have, diffuse essential oils! Our favorite of the season is Aura Cacia’s Renew essential oil blend, featured in April’s Wellness Tribe Renew Box, but you can use any essential oil of your liking.

10. Herbal liver cleanse

Milk thistle and dandelion root are great herbs to aid in a Spring cleanse.

11. Get poked

Seasonal Acupuncture helps get your energy regulated and clears out any blockages you may have so you can really make the most of Spring.

12. Take a break from EMF’s

That means no electromagnetic frequencies. Turn off or put down your cell phone, laptop, TV, radio, etc. for a while. Disconnecting will cleanse your energy field, and we all could use a mental break from nonstop notifications.

13. Take a plunge

Jump in the ocean, lake or even a pool! Water always helps awaken your body, mind and spirit and gives you a sense of renewal.

Check out our April Renew box for natural items to help you renew this spring!