9 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

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cultivate self-love

Love is in the air…

It’s that time of year that love, chocolates and roses is upon us! We encourage you to dedicate this month to YOU! Practice the art of Self-Love and focus on opening your heart chakra and nurturing your well-being as this is the foundation of true happiness. By loving ourselves we teach others, and especially children, that they too should love themselves as they grow and enter adulthood. We are the most free spirited and self-loving when we are children. As we age, that tends to slip away and the responsibilities and societal pressures start to weigh on us and some may begin to compare themselves to others. This was not intended for us as humans, but somewhere along the way our sense of Self-love can start to chip away. We invite you this month to reaffirm your deepest love and compassion for yourself. This abundance will naturally transfer over to your relationships and strengthen your ability to love others.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

9 ways to Cultivate Self-Love

  1. ACCEPT YOURSELF EXACTLY AS YOU ARELearn to love yourself no matter what and you’ll begin to see how beautiful and unique you truly are.
  2. NOURISH YOUR BODY ~ Your body is a temple, treat it as such and provide it with nourishment from organic, whole, nutrient rich foods.
  3. CONNECT WITH NATURE ~ Nature holds deep healing energy and by spending time reconnecting with Mother Earth we can’t help but recognize the astounding beauty within all the intricacies of nature and we can then learn to recognize them within ourselves.
  4. CREATE YOUR OWN AFFIRMATIONS OR MANTRAS ~ Practice them in the mirror regularly! One example is: ” I love myself unconditionally. I am beautiful. Ia m kind. I am smart. I am powerful. I AM love.” The eyes are the windows of the soul, speak to yourself.
  5. JOURNEY INWARDS ~ Meditate to cleanse your mind of an “junk thoughts” or negative thoughts you may have. This will create space to allow your mind to think positive, loving thoughts about yourself.
  6. BOOK A THERAPEUTIC SESSION ~ Treat yourself to massage, acupuncture, reiki or chakra balancing, etc. This will help reset your energetic pathways to allow the free flow of Qi (Chi) so you can feel your best.
  7. FIND YOUR TRIBE ~ Spend time with people that you love and that love and appreciate you as well, this will help reinforce how truly awesome and loved you are.
  8. SMILE ~ Even a forced smile changes the chemistry of the brain and releases feel-good neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. This creates happy thoughts and feelings. The more you make smiling a habit, the more it will come naturally and genuinely. Bet you’re smiling right now 🙂 Warning, it’s contagious! 
  9. HAVE FUN! ~ Do things that make you smile, laugh, dance, act silly or even sing! This puts you in touch with your inner child that is carefree and happy as can be!

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