Coco Loco Electrolyte Hydrator

Coconut on a tropical beach

If the neon color of most sports drinks don’t raise a red flag for you then just read the label and you’ll see how unhealthy they really are for you. Sure they are packed with electrolytes but they are also packed with loads of sugar! It’s time to wake up and ditch the Gatorade, Powerade, and all the other “ades” and mix up your own power drink. This recipe for our Coco Loco Electrolyte hydrator is simple, fun, and will satisfy your taste buds after a hard workout.

Electrolytes 101

Electrolytes are vital to the normal functioning of the human body. Sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), bicarbonate (HCO3), magnesium (Mg2+), chloride (C1), and hydrogen phosphate (HPO42-) are the electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes regulate our muscle and nerve function, our body’s hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, and the rebuilding of damaged tissue. Our muscles and neurons are sometimes referred to as the “electric tissues” of the body. Calcium (Ca2+), sodium (Na+) and potassium (K+) must be present in order for muscle contraction to happen. Electrolyte imbalances can lead to either weak muscles, or muscles that over contract. Our heart, muscles, and nerve cells use electrolytes to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses to other cells.

The truth is everyone’s need for electrolytes is different. If you are a weekend warrior or doing a 30 minute workout before breakfast you are probably fine with just water and a heathy balanced diet. But, in the hot summer months, when you are sweating more than usual you can benefit from an electrolyte boost. Athletes on the other hand need more electrolytes than the average person due to their level of exertion. Either way, whether the summer has got you sweating or you are refueling after a marathon run, whip up this concoction as an easy way to replenish! Coconut water alone is wonderful at delivering electrolytes! Aside from the refreshing tropical taste, the balance of electrolytes in coconut water mimics your blood’s electrolyte balance making it the perfect foundation of our favorite summer hydrating drink.

Coconuts, slices of lemons and limes with mint leaves in water


  • 1/4 cup of freshly squeezed Lime Juice
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 2 cups Coconut Water
  • 1/8 teaspoon of Sea Salt
  • 2 tablespoons Raw Honey, to taste

Mix all ingredients together, stir well and drink up!

Simple. As. That. 😉