Fun facts for Yoga and Handstand Enthusiasts

Fun facts for Yoga and Handstand Enthusiasts

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Fun facts for Yoga and Handstand Enthusiasts

Start your week off on the right foot… or hand! We love yoga for all of its benefits for the body, mind and spirit!
Remember handstands are just one small part of yoga but they are one of our favorite things to practice!!

Health benefits:
-Promotes bone health, circulation and breathing
-Builds upper body strength and shoulder stability
-Builds core strength
-Increases balance
-Boosts mood

Handstand Tips:
1. To learn the pose before you can balance, practice with your back to a wall.
2. Begin on hands and knees, hands about 12″ from a wall.
3. Straighten your arms, and keep them as straight as possible from now on! (You can’t fall on your head if your arms stay straight.)
4. With an inhale, lengthen your side ribs and let your shoulder girdle ride towards you ears with the expansion of your chest.
5. With an exhale, while keeping the arms straight let the chest descend between them towards to floor so the shoulder blades can hug snugly onto the back.
6. While aiming to keep your upper chest over the point midway between your hands, tuck the toes under and lift the knees up.
7. Step in with one foot and, with the back leg straight, push off and kick up.
8. Stack the hands, chest, hips, and feet as you rise.

Muscles involved in practicing handstands:

Stabilizing muscles:
Rotator cuff
Serratus anterior

Lengthening muscles:
Pectoralis major

Shortening muscles:

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