Go Green Challenge

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Go Green Challenge

Go Green Week!

Make these small changes all week long for easy tweaks to Go Green. The biggest part of the challenge…make them a permanent part of your weekly routine.


Monday: Reduce Paper Waste

Keep your documents digital whenever possible. Reduce your paper consumption by eliminating printing that isn’t absolutely necessary. Recycle all of your paper instead of throwing it in the trash and use misprinted paper as note paper.


Tuesday: Lights Out 

Power down completely. Many appliances and devices draw as much as 15-20 watts of power, even when they’re turned off. Unplug energy-sapping devices when you are not using them, and don’t forget to adjust the Energy Saver settings on your computer to save energy while in use.


Wednesday: Go Green Wild Card

Choose your own eco-friendly challenge and let others know what you’re doing to go green. A few ideas? You can Go Green with your desk and clean up the air by adding a few plants. Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down or eliminating your meat consumption for a day. Instead of purchasing new items, reuse and “upcycle”.


Thursday: Conscious Lunch

Try to make your lunch trash-free. Bring reusable glass container, bottles, mugs and utensils to reduce paper and plastic waste. If you do go out, try biking or walking instead of driving. Don’t take a lid or straw to reduce waste for to-go drinks or coffee. Bring your own reusable straw instead.


Friday: Work From Home

Cut your carbon footprint by telecommuting. Meet virtually with collaboration tools like web conferencing, video conferencing and unified communications. Allowing 50% of the workforce to work from home even part-time would yield a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions equal to taking almost 10 million cars off the road for an entire year.


Bonus: Encourage your family, friends and co-workers to join you!


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