Introducing Our Partner Subscription Boxes

Our Tribe is expanding!

It is bittersweet to announce that we will no longer be offering our monthly Wellness Tribe box. BUT! We are so excited to announce our partnership the best wellness subscription boxes around, the first installment of our directory of the best in wellness and healthy living.

Shop the special offers from our partner brands.


Inside of CAUSEBOX you’ll find the best jewelry, homewares, skincare products, accessories and more each season, with the stories behind each brand.

Why we LOVE this box: Socially conscious products curated for women who care

Delivery: 4 times/year 

Value: $150+ for only $49.95

WT Deal: Bonus $50 Mystery Bundle of Products 


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Surround yourself with up to 8 new, inspiring elements every month, like fair-trade, cruelty-free cosmetics, organic energy bars, and soothing aromatherapies.

Why We LOVE This Box: Yoga-inspired items, curated to heighten your every day

Delivery: Monthly

Value: $70+ for only $33.71 

WT Deal: On-going 25% off (normally $44.95)

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Detox your beauty and skincare routine with this box. They make it easy to discover the best in cruelty-free products.

Why we LOVE this box: Cruelty-free, non-toxic beauty, skincare, and wellness items

Delivery: Every other month

Value: $80+ for only $29.95

WT Deal: 40% off your first box


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The perfect combo of beauty, wellness & lifestyle, from basic beauty & personal care to makeup, supplements, superfoods & non-toxic living goods.

Why we Love this box: Customization! You get to pick 1-2 of your healthy beauty and natural wellness products each month

Delivery: Monthly 

Value: $45+ for only $24.95

WT Deal: Bonus Gift or site special


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A healthy box of motivation delivered right to your doorstep – every month!

Why we LOVE this box: Health nutrition discovery, snack and supplement box

Delivery: Monthly 

Cost: $8/month

WT Deal: On-going 20% off (normally $10)

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