Q&A – With Pro Snowboarder Erika Vikander

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Erika Vikander

Meet Erika Vikander.


We are thrilled to introduce Wellness Tribe ambassador and professional snowboarder, Erika Vikander! This mountain babe is all about working hard out on the slopes. But, when your work is also play that’s the perfect recipe for true wellth!

We were able to pick Erika’s brain and get the inside scoop on her love of snowboarding, travel, and wellness. Read on to find out what drink she can’t go without (we can’t blame her it’s one of our favorites too), the wellness motto she lives by, and her off the slope stretch of choice.

On top of being a phenomenal snowboarder, Erika also works with Shred Betties to promote female growth in snowboarding. Find out how you can support the cause below.


10 Questions with Erika Vikander

  1. How old were you when you first started snowboarding, and when did you go pro?

    Growing up in Montana I was on snow since the age of 2, and started snowboarding around age 12. I went Pro at age 18 when I was first invited to participate in the Dew Tour.Erika Vikander snowboarding

  2. What is your favorite aspect of snowboarding?

    My favorite aspect is the individuality of snowboarding, and constant connection with your surroundings.

  3. How often do you board on a regular week?

    As much as my body will allow! But usually no more than 5 days a week. Rest is just as important as being active.

  4. Do you have any rituals on or off the slopes?

    I like to start my day with a coffee in my hand, and end it with a good yoga session around sunset.erika method spt park

  5. What is your training like? Do you have set daily or weekly goals?

    My training mostly consists of pushing myself out of my comfort zone daily. Snowboarding is an ever progressing thing that you can never master, so my goal every day is to be better than the day before ;).

  6. What advice would you give any young or new riders out there regarding wellness, health or workout/training wise?

    Get in touch with your body, stretch, listen to it, and treat it like a temple. Stay active in the gym, keep a strong core and stay grounded in all of your endeavors.

  7. What is your go-to food to keep you fueled during a long day? Any special or favorite recovery food?

    My go to food is a homemade energy ball, or a Larabar. I live by Turmeric Milk as a recovery drink! So many good anti-inflammatory properties and paired with Almond Milk, its very tasty too!

  8. What is your ideal weekend?1G2A9318

    My ideal weekend is hiking to a new destination, camping, exploring, preferably near a body of water in any form, with my loved ones. 

  9. Is there a wellness practice you live by?

    I live by the “you are what you eat” motto. I’m also religious about my Turmeric Milk intake, as I’ve had quite a few injuries through the years of Professional Snowboarding.

  10. Can you tell us about Shred Betties and their foundation?

    Shred Betties embodies snowboarding through a female perspective. We wanted to create a safe place where all girls feel they are welcome and give them a platform to be successful in the male-dominated snowboard industry. We promote women on social media, and just gained our non-profit status in the past couple of years. We are excited to be introducing the Betties Sessions snowboard camps for women, by women, which we gave a trial run this season and are thrilled to be continuing that next season.

    Interested in donating to the cause: Use the code “SHREDBETTIES10” when you purchase a Wellness Tribe subscription and not only will you get 10% off your Wellness Tribe purchase but 10% of the proceeds will go to Shred Betties!

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