Quinn Snacks: Snacks Reimagined

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Quinn Snacks: Snacks Reimagined

Fresh popped popcorn without any nasties.

Almost all popcorn brands use some sort of chemicals on their kernels or in their bags. One mom from Darien, Connecticut wanted to change that. Kristy, Co Founder and CEO of Quinn Snacks set out to reinvent the way popcorn was made, so she did just that and made hers certified organic and packaged it in bags that are free of synthetic chemicals and also compostable. We are excited to bring you the goodness she created in our February box!

Quinn Popcorn parmesan_Rosemary

Farm-to-Bag Goodness

Quinn Snacks also developed a new concept called “Farm-to-Bag.” Each bag of Quinn Snacks popcorn has a batch number. You can enter that number here on their website.


It will tell you exactly where your bag was grown ingredient by ingredient! So cool, right?!

They clearly believe in complete transparency and we love that. I mean, how great would it be if all companies did this?

popped-coconutGet the box and bag!

This delicious snack will be featured in our February box, so once yours arrives go check out where it came from. And, enjoy your new healthy popcorn option for your next movie night!