Renewing Benefits Of An Herbal Steam

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Guest Blog: Natty Naturals

Ahh, the beauty of steaming!

One of the pleasures that are offered at luxury spas worldwide..but, hey, who says you have to wait until your next spa day to enjoy the benefits of steaming. 

On a relaxing weekend, this is one of the luxuries I absolutely LOVE to do. I blend together an amazing combo of botanicals and a dash of organic essential oils to enjoy. I also love to put some sample steam tins together for friends who appreciate the beauty of steaming. 

Herbal Steam


  1. Besides being amazingly relaxing, facial steams are beneficial for mental health, relieving stress, especially when using certain botanical flowers and herbs that focus on mental clarity, such as fresh rosemary and lavender.
  2. It’s a wonderful step in a facial regimen for great skin health. Using botanical herbs such as Neem, Stinging Nettle and Calendula, Cornflower, Marshmallow Root, Helichrysum to name a few, are absolutely amazing for deep down pore purification, hydrating the cells and maintaining healthy skin. 
  3. The warm humidity from the steam helps to increase blood circulation as well as increases perspiration, which helps rid the body of toxins. 
  4. Clearing up the skin…The steam from the facial steam helps to soften blackhead and white head plugs so they gently and easily release from follicle openings. The buildup of sebum inside of the follicle can then flow naturally.
  5. Gives skin a fresher and younger appearance.



  1. On a freshly cleansed face and after an exfoliation such as a facial scrub (if this is part of your regimen), add a couple of tablespoons of your botanical herb blend into a heat safe container..I used a stainless steel bowl 
  2. Cover herbs with boiled water and allow to cool for only a few minutes (to prevent any type of steam burn). Then place a towel over your head to create a steam tent.
  3. Breathe deeply, relax and enjoy the steam for  5-15 minutes. I usually take this time to release, relax and unwind. This is also the perfect time that I love to focus on gratitude and allow thoughts of pure positivity to enter my mind. Once the steam is over, strain the remaining herbal blend and add the liquid tea to your bath for even more health benefits.



You can also add a few scoops of your herbal steam to your tub or add to a tea bag for an amazingly beneficial herbal and botanical bath.  When we bathe, our pores dialate..this is super helpful with infusing our bodies with beneficial minerals, vitamins and nutrients that may be depleted from our foods. Herbal baths are also great for lady parts as many of the herbs used are beneficial for a healthy vaginal pH.



NORMAL SKIN: Every other week to once a week for 10 minutes

OILY SKIN: Two times per week at 5-10 minutes at a time

ACNE PRONE SKIN: Two times per week at 5 minutes at a time

DRY SKIN: Every other week for 10 minutes at a time

SENSITIVE SKIN: Once per month at 5 minutes at a time



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ABOUT: Natty Naturals is a handcrafted natural and organic product company, owned by husband and wife team, Syeed and Dominique Harris. Our products are handcrafted in Chattanooga, TN, using high quality oils, butters and herbs, made in mini batches 10-20 at a time, to ensure quality products.

All Things O’Natural and Natty Natural products were created in 2010 by Dominique. While Syeed was wonderful working the logistics behind the scenes, he officially joined the company in 2011 full time and now artisan ally hand crafts our Natty Butter in addition to handling much of the managerial duties.

At Natty Naturals, we understand the importance of what we put in and on our bodies and that our bodies have the capability of quickly absorbing. With that in mind, we source high quality, raw ingredients that the earth has to offer.
Positive energy comes in the form of actually enjoying your bathing and grooming rituals, which is optimum in keeping ourselves healthy. We believe the more natural and healthier the product, the more capable we are to actually enjoy the process.