September Sneak Peek: Rishi Matcha Mate

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This powerhouse combo will have you saying, “Coffee, Who?”

Rishi Matcha Mate - Wellness Tribe Featured Brand

September Sneak Peek: Rishi Matcha Mate

Rishi Matcha Mate is an invigorating tea tonic. It brings together Japanese matcha green tea, Brazilian yerba mate, and lemon verbena. Although they originate from opposite sides of the globe, both matcha and yerba mate are traditionally consumed for a natural energy boost and greater mental focus. Matcha’s deep sweetness balances the pleasantly herbaceous notes of green yerba mate and the fresh character of lemon verbena. The result is an uplifting, sublimely savory-sweet cup harmonized in both energy and flavor.


Green Tea is a must for September’s Focus box.

Matcha and Yerba Mate have been used for centuries for their health benefits. One major plus – boosted memory and concentration.

Matcha’s superpower comes from being packed with an amino acid called l-theanine, which can help calm the body and mind down and therefore allowing room for increased concentration.

Did you know that Chinese Daoists and Japanese Zen Buddhists have been using Matcha Green Tea for thousands of years to relax and meditate while remaining alert!

Mate’s superpower comes from the xanthine alkaloid. Reading into the state of the body’s nervous system, mate has an impressive ability to stimulate a weakened nervous system and calm an overexcited one. *Magic!*

Another amazing benefit that your morning cup of joe can’t claim, no jitters! These green teas provide a perfect, clean energy boost without the negative effects of other stimulants – no shaky hands or nervousness. Calm, clean energy ready to focus!


Rishi Matcha Mate is the perfect tea marriage for focus or, as we like to say, our go to drink for crossing everything off our to do list!


Rishi Green Tea September Sneak Peek

Drink up! Rishi Matcha Mate Profile

Tasting Notes: A lively blend of energizing mate and pure, revitalizing matcha.
Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic yerba mate, organic lemon verbena.

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