Self-Love: The Every Day Way

Guest Blog: Vanessa Checchio, Owner and Creator of bachata & barbells


The foundation of true happiness

Self-love: The every day way
Self-love: The everyday way

In the words of Biggie and Brooklyn, “spread love.” And now more than ever, that’s exactly what we need to do. But before we can start spreading it thick and wide, we need to make sure that it’s shining bright in a really important spot: ourselves.

Self-love is one of those things that’s super, super important, but also takes work to fully understand and activate it. Self-love is not just one single thing, it’s a combination of many feelings, understandings, situations, laughs, cries, fears, emotions, and obstacles life throws at us.

We can’t depend on others for self-love.

Unless of course, it’s a dog (just kidding, kind of). Self-love has to come from within our own soul through its experiences, expressions, and everything else it’s been through. It has to grow from the inside out, always evolving, and with confidence and excitement.

It’s a process that’s learned.

Whether it’s from going through a certain situation or just the regular ups and down, twists and turns, and parallels of life, self-love is a learned process. As we grow older and start turning into the people we consider ourselves, self-love is one of the top qualities that makes us who we are.

We can’t depend on material things to find for self-love.

New clothes, money, and other things that are actually things can certainly buy happiness, but they’re not responsible for the love we have for ourselves. It would be a lie to say that we don’t love certain type of material things and that’s totally okay, we just always need to remember that they will never compare to the love we feel for ourselves.

It’s the best kind of love because it brings other love to your life.

When you truly feel love for yourself and everything you are made of, it vibrates to others and attracts them to you. It opens the doors for all types of relationships whether romantic or friendly and most of the time brings others who feel the same way about themselves into your life.

Self-love and strength

Self-love is never selfish.

When you love yourself fully and practice self-care, it is never a selfish act. It’s an act that allows you to be proud of who you are and everything that you’re made up of. And even though it’s all about you in the moment, that love inside spreads to others.

Learning and growing self-love is probably one of, if not the most, exciting, turbulent, and extensive experiences we will go through in our lives. Try to take something away from every person you meet. Create rituals to practice your self-love and self-care. Help others realize how important it is to feel love within themselves for themselves. And always remember that above all, self-love is the proudest kind of love because without it no other love is possible.

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