Fall Fitness Inspiration: Stephanie Lovato

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Meet Stephanie!

Our Fall Fitness Inspiration

Stephanie is a fitness trainer who knows a whole lot about focusing on goals. From competing as a gymnast growing-up to putting her body to the test competing in fitness competitions (have you seen her abs!) she know how to get into tip-top shape for whatever the challenge. We’ve picked her brain to get the inside scoop on how she gets focused and stays focused.

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Venice Beach Babe with a BSc in Human Kinetics

Stephanie Lovato, born and raised in Toronto, Canada, is a former gymnast, boxer, lacrosse player and figure competitor. Her passion for sports and fitness led her into the Human Kinetics program at the University of Guelph where she obtained a BSc.

Steph applies her athletics experience and education to her career as a personal trainer and online training and nutrition coach, helping people achieve their fitness goals worldwide.

Steph and her husband Justin met at Gold’s Gym Venice, the Mecca of Bodybuilding, and six weeks later were married. Together they run BUILT Nutrition & Training, developed BUILT apparel, and continue to share their love for both each other and fitness with the world!

Fit Focused Female

stephanie-lovato_backHow do you get focused?

I like to remind myself of why I’ve chosen to eat healthy and train hard: to look good, feel great and live a long and healthy life free from sickness and disease. I remind myself that I’m doing this for ME! Every choice I make is because I want to be healthy! I’m not doing this for any other reason than that, and when I remember that, it drives me to work hard to achieve awesome results!

How do you stay focused?

Once you’ve found your focus and your groove and have established a routine of healthy eating and intense workouts, your progress will push you to keep going even further!! I always remember how great I feel when I’ve been sticking to my program. My clothes fit better, my skin and hair are healthier, I have more confidence, I’m in a better mood and have more energy to live life to the fullest! On the other hand, if I veer off track for a few days, I feel like garbage. My whole body becomes inflamed, resulting in bloating, sore joints and pimples, I feel lethargic, I become grumpy and all I want to do is eat junk food and sit on my butt! That’s no way to live. Why would I ever want to feel any other way than energetic and spunky!? With those feel-good memories, it’s easy to forget the few downhill days and get back in action! It will feel like there’s no restarting after a weekend of partying and junk food, let’s say, but trust me when I remind you that after only a day back into your program, you’ll feel like a whole new person again!

Eat Clean & Train Mean
Eat Clean & Train Mean! 📷: @stephjlovato | Follow her on insta!

Whether it’s vacation, late nights at work, or unexpected visitors, life happens and can sometimes derail our goals. What is your best tip to combat that and to get re-foucsed?

Remember why you’re focused in the first place – to be healthy and feel good for YOU! You’ll feel proud waking up and knowing you ate nothing but healthy foods the day prior. It’s fun having the willpower to turn down junk food even though everybody else is eating it. All that said though, balance is an important part of life too! It’s ok to enjoy ourselves periodically. After all, we are all human and socializing with food and drinks not only tastes delicious but it’s fun. We work hard at the gym and deserve a “treat” meal too. Pick and choose what’s worth veering away from your diet, enjoy it while it lasts, and then get right back on track the next day! Keep in mind there will be another special event right around the corner, so keep it healthy the days in between.

Everyone has their own fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, being faster. What is your best advice for overall success when someone is focused on improving their health?

Whatever your goal may be, overall success always requires a proper diet! Choose whole, natural and organic (when possible) foods more often than not. Don’t just eat to lose fat or gain muscle; eat to nourish your body so it functions effectively and efficiently, allowing you to progress towards your goals every day! Nothing is more important than nutritious foods. You only have one body and one lifetime to take care of it the best way that you can. It deserves nothing but the best foods for fuel.

Are there certain foods/supplements you’d say help with focus? 

I like to limit my refined sugar and starch intake in order to keep my brain clear and my body energized! I find too many of these “bad” carbohydrates make me feel foggy and sluggish. Instead, choose fruits and veggies as your primary carb sources!

Secondly, I love to begin my day with a cup of coffee blended with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Not only does it taste great but I call it a “Brain Food” when I outline it in my clients’ nutrition programs. Coconut oil has several health benefits, some of which include providing energy and curbing appetite, allowing you to go about your day extra productively! A little boost of caffeine doesn’t hurt either!

Do you have any time management or organizational skills you can share with us?

I find that when I wake up and get my butt to the gym right away (well, after my coffee + coconut oil), I am far more productive throughout the day! It’s my favorite way to start the day and definitely helps keep me energized and feeling positive all day long. Life and priorities will get in the way sometimes, but really try to never compromise your workout time. It’s important!

Do you have any major goals you are focused on achieving at the moment?

I’m thinking about completing a second ebook. Stage two – get ultra lean! Give people a demonstration of what it’s like preparing for a fitness competition. Beyond that, I’m always aiming to stay healthy, active, balanced and enjoy every second of life!

We will leave you with this last bit of abspiration:

Steph Lovato_Fall Fitness Inspiration

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