The Gift of a Christmas Full Moon

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Christmas Full Moon

May your Christmas be merry and BRIGHT!

This Christmas will be extra bright with the help of the full moon!  If you’re under 38 then this will be your first time experiencing it! The last Christmas full moon occurred in 1977 and we won’t see another one until the year 2034. This alignment does not happen often, typically every 19 years according to the metonic lunar cycle. However, due to leaps years, 1996’s Christmas full moon occurred on Christmas Eve.

Heightened psychic awareness, a greater capacity for healing and clarity of the mind and heart are all amplified with the energy of a full moon.  This full moon energy combined with holiday cheer make this an extra special opportunity to reflect on the past year and set clear intentions for 2016.   

So, make sure to get outside on Christmas and look up into the beautiful night sky and bask in its healing light. The moon will officially reach peak fullness at 6:11 a.m. EST on Christmas Day and then rise again at 5:32 p.m. on Christmas night.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good (full moon) night!!



The full moon has had profound meaning to many cultures throughout time:

Historically, Native American tribes named each month’s full moon to track the seasons.  For example, a full moon in May is called the Full Flower Moon, because flowers are blooming almost everywhere. The December full moon is known as the full cold moon or full long nights moon because it occurs at the start of winter and nights are cold and long.

The Buddhists had many special events that fell on a full moon. Buddha was born on a full moon, his enlightenment, his first sermon and his passing all took place on a full moon. Buddhists celebrate full moons in high regards by meditating and focusing on spiritual development.  

Ever wonder why they say crazy things happen on a full moon, or that the lunatics come out?  Well, that comes from the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna, who was said to ride her silver chariot across the pitch black sky every night.  Hippocrates once wrote that “one who is seized with terror, fright and madness during the night is being visited by the goddess of the moon.”  

Other female moon goddesses such as the Chinese goddess Chang’e and Mama Quilla of the Incas represented a deep connection to female fertility. It is believed that the phases of the moon and the female menstrual cycle are closely related and can determine when a woman is most fertile. This could explain why maternity wards are said to be flooded on full moons!